Wednesday was my birthday, and I got a lot of beautiful messages from my friends. Then I had this idea to put their friendship to test.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I pranked them by telling them I was in a crazy scenario and I needed money getting out.

One of them legit said “Timi it’s dollar equivalent I have now o, before I go and change it as per say bros is too rich πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

One said “I have locked my money inside piggy vest”

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Are you looking for an affordable nice place to go on a date with your Babe?

Does it seem as if Lagos is too expensive and you’re wondering where to go and hangout with bae?

Search no further!!

But in this video, I shared 5 awesome places to go on a date without breaking the bank.

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Ever wonder how creepy it would seem or look if a stranger walks up to you, wanting to help you?
Let me guess; no stranger in the world can do that right.
We don’t need help. We are so accustomed to keeping the hurtful part of our lives private because we feel it’s unfixable or because we feel nobody is supposed to see that part of me. Thus, we run to various places for help, close friends who we aren’t even sure can help us, magicians, herbalists and at the end, we seek God.
Majorly the truth is only God can fix us, only God can actually help us (Psalm 121:1)
This was what the writer of Godfriended me realized when he wrote this amazing movie. Touching lives and helping others. Of course God cannot come down from heaven (he already did through Jesus). But you see, we are all Gods representatives on earth and should always help each other , like he said in 2 peter ; let brotherly love continue. Love makes you help others.
Just like Miles in the movie that was so headstrong ,He believed he had faced so many bad situations in his life, he lost his mum at a young age, he didn’t have a good job. his father was a reverend in the church(which he hated) and his sister a lesbian, Just imagine, how screwed someone’s life could be. In a nutshell(he was an atheist). But God choose him( Why would God choose an atheist, God only sees the good in people) because he knew how painful it was to hurt and so Knew how To Help people. You See,there are millions of people with problems, but the thing about God is this, if you don’t help someone, God will choose someone else. Your situation or story doesn’t even have to be perfect,just love.
So, An account on facebook claiming to be God sent him a friend request and names of people who needed help. At first, miles was reluctant, he refused, but in the end he agreed(about 3 episodes) . God brought his crew members, Rakesh(his best friend) (the super hacker) and Cara (beautiful amazing intelligent journalist) who later became his girlfriend. And during the process of helping others, his own life too started fixing up. He forgave and reconciled with his dad,He even began believing in God and going to church, his sister broke up with her girlfriend, his dad found a new wife,his podcast also began gaining traffic and a got a record deal,He didn’t even have to pray. Point is: When you help others, your life is beautified because you are exercising God’s nature in you.
Most people will be like, people won’t pay them back; i get you, we are humans, but why be like the people the bible described, helping others because you think they will help you back, that’s not love.
Even God made the rain and the sun to shine on both believers and unbelievers… Jesus died for all, so God is the one to repay you. What happened to the principle of sowing and reaping, it’s will definitely come back to you, In multiple folds, not just in the way you expect.
So season 2 had kicked off and guess what, God account sent someone else a friend request apart from miles. Her name is joy and she has a lot of baggage (God doesn’t use d perfect people) .she is now part Of The crew, she gets the friend request now, not miles anymore (don’t know why yet). Cara got a new job in Paris, where she figured that the person who sent her a message on facebook 5 years ago to go find her mum in new york, where she met miles, didn’t even know about it. (God already arranged it From the beginning). I await the other episodes to see the unveiling and baring of people’s souls been ripped apart and fixed through God’s ambassadors on earth..
The movie might seem too religious to you (because I know Africans) but trust me, you’d learn a thing or two.
I hope the movie blessed you the way it did to me…

And don’t forget To Help someone today and everyday. (it could be a tip to the doorman, helping an old lady with some loads or helping a kid cross the street). Just be nice to someone.


Yearning is a story about love, trust and choosing to stay with God.It takes courage to choose to accept God’s decision as final say in your life. Yearning explains the process.The story captures the tale of Isaac and Rebekah in the Bible and Rume took her time to explain the plot and settings of the old days in this intriguing novel.Isaac choosing to trust God with the decision of finding a wife even though he had feelings for his childhood friend.Rebekah choosing to serve and wait for God to bring the right man to her, but growing in grace and developing herself at the same time.This book brings to play emotions and character of our lives as individuals…They that wait on the lord shall not wait in vain….So if you’re searching for a short ,simple sweet book….Yearning is available for you…

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My first contact with folakemi was in my 200Level, then she was in 100Level and stays in Mozambique Hall while I stayed in Awolowo hall. I was told to do visitation and follow up on some ladies in Moz and vhats how I found myself in block L 103. The response she and her bunkie gave, were quite encouraging amd that was one of the things that attracted me to her. I discovered she and her had different lifestyle entirely. Folake was gentle while Ayomide was a little bit lively. My fondness for grew so much that there were times were I and my wayray partner in crime would for no reason just go to her room and visit her for just no reason. There were times when I would call just to see her in her hostel. She is always around for cell meetings and as a nice guy I would walk her down to her room.
Towards the later end of 200Level I saw her Elder sister whose name is funmi, they both look alike except that Funmi is beautiful than her… but that day was not nice oooo walai.It was in the night around religious ground and cuz she looks like folakemi and called her “folakemi” omo na so this babe turn around with her frowned face at a fine boi like me and said “this is not folakemi” omo e just be like say make group swallow me. That was the second time i had seen her older siblings, cuz we all school in the same university. Another day I went to her room and I met her elder bro femi. Now, this was not the first time of seeing femi as I do usually see him in Awolowo hall. On That went to visit folakemi as usuall, i met femi and a friend of his . At first i never wanted to enter but on her insitance i enter her room and sat down prawn with her brother and we chatted. It was at this point that that i know that femi was a nice dude.Folake made crackers for boys to chauuuuu Omo I enjoy myself sha…… it got to a point that Juwon needed to ask me what is going on between me and her and I told there was nothing. I had never loved any lady like that in my life. But I didn’t tell her how I felt. Somewhere around 300level I taught of it that “do I really like this girl ?” I just kept at it. And juwon was like “Alaye wat abt folakemi”.

Now in my final year and she in 300level and we were still in contact such that my Leader in church askede weither I was still in contact with her and I said yes. All this while I decided not to talk because I made a rule that if am in a leadership position in church or that I go to play piano anywhere cuz am a pianist, I decided that I would not ask any lady out. What really triggered my love for Her was when I wanted to go for a programme ICLC 2018 in lagos and I needed an android phone very urgently in other for me to access the venue. I searched for one but I couldn’t find. But I just decided to let her know and decided to give me her and she gave me her phone.At this point ehnnnn I felt like flying to the moon.I made a discovery that she has kept from me all this while.While in lagos with her phone, I was just playing with her phone, checking some pictures and I stumbled on a particular pictured that she snapped in her parlour at home and in that picture there was a portrait was on the floor and in that portrait was her dad and mum with her dad wearimg a suit and a Reverend’s collar, that was when I knew that her dad was a pastor.The same thing again in September I was going for ICPLC in lagos she gave me her phone again. Day by day my feelings for her kept on growing. She is thus the most committed cell member of Love club Cell. When it was time for our cell outreach in our final, Na so we come tell this babe make she lead worship as I dey play keyboard . Nahim she start to lead worship o with “we give you Glory oh God” ..omo nahim my eyes open for my mind I cum dey talk say “shey no be dis same folakemi wey for cell meeting we talk say make she lead worship den she go come dey do like fish wey dey ontop river” As I just finished my final exams and was preparing for our FYB thanksgiving she somehow got to know about it and wh3n I met her at first Bank LT she told me that she knew and I also to her. On the day of the thanksgiving she came, unknowingly to me that Her elder sister’s church were doing their own Fyb thanksgiving and in her own church .

It was at this point that I decided to let her know how I feel. May I say that this was my first time of asking a lady out. …now February 6, it was on Wednesday, After church service in the evening, I called her and told Her that I want To see her at First Bank LT. At first when I got there, I didn’t see her in the hall until I went out through the second door. See her alone, my heart skipped as I almost passed out. I just told her my feelings after beating about the bush and one of the things she said was that “hope you know that we do not attend the same church” and I said I know. After all she said that she has heard all I said . I was quite nervous though. At this point I just couldn’t help but love her more. May remind you that before asking her out I prayed to baba God but baba did not reply. So I went to lagos for a programme and all throughout I couldn’t concentrate as I was scared. Thoughts like “what if she says NO” kept on coming to my mind. Emotionally I was in Hell as anytime I think about her ,its either my heart beats faster or I would just be sober. In Lagos, I saw a lot of ladies that were far more beautiful than her but to me they weren’t beautiful because I love her. So after the weekend in lagos, I returned to Ile-ife as usuall. As i stepped out of my block to a friend’s, I heared a loud affirmative “NO” within me. By then we were talking on Facebook because my phone was stolen. I met met her on campus in the evening when I went to read buh the way she responded to me was not okay at all. She was sooooo moody. I needed to ask her if she is okay. This was on February 11. The following day evening, I met her at our usuall place were we use to read and I invited her to my FYB valentine hangout which she declined, stating reasons such as her having 3 more exams and alot of other stuffs. In my mind i was like “this is not the first time that she is going to have 3 more exams, as like before when she would have 3 exams and we would still gist a little and relive the moment”.It was at this point that she started saying that even ber elder sister’s Fyb thanksgiving, she didn’t attend. I begged her to just attend for just 30-45mins but she refused.

As she was done reading, I walked her down to the door and wanted to see her off a little bit but she said its okay that I shouldn’t worry. This was the first time in 3 years that she would say something like that. She changed a little bit from the folakemi I used to know. Me and my fellowship fybs had our hangout and it was dope. So around after 12 on February 15th, after more than a week of asking her out, she replied me on Facebook saying “please about what you told me the other day am not interested. Thanks ” I was not myself as I was traumatized emotionally. It got to a point that I thought of taking snipper. I beg her to please accept and that what ever conditions she give, I would abide by but she refused. I told my leader who was a lady and she engaged her in a lady to lady talk and thats when she told her (my leader) that she was not attracted to me that way. At this point for like 2 months I was not myself. Things changed. If I wanted to see her she gives one excuse or the other. I prepared a birthday gift for her but I couldn’t make it to ife as I was at for a programme. I called her immediately I got to campus telling her that I came with her gift and that when she is ready, she should come and take it of which she said ok. As I write this , for almost a month the gift is still in my room. It got to a point that I needed to do some online relationship coachings and it was then I needed to pick up the pieces of my life and move on as I believe that a day is coming when I would meet the lady that I would love and in turn would love me back.

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